Dr. Che Tita, HOD, JMC

This year’s edition of JMC open door day was commemorated under the theme “The place of Entrepreneurship in communication”. It was a forum for the department to show-case her professional capabilities and the training given to students in this department.In his keynote address, the present head of department for JMC, Dr. Julius Che Tita thanked the entire participants for making it to the program.

Prof. Tanjong Talking to the students and participants, Prof. Enoh Tanjong went back to the history of JMC where he outlined some major products of the department such as the Gladys Tata, Yoewh Esapebong, Achara Tchitcha just to mention but a few. He said this department is proud of her many graduates who today hold lucrative positions in the field of communication both internationally and nationwide. He encouraged the present badge of students especially level 400 to love and practice communication with passion.

Mrs. Sarah Simo

The occasion was grazed with two guest speakers, Mrs. Sarah Simo who happens to be a former student of the department of JMC, presently serving as the Regulatory Communications Officer at the British American Tobacco. She shared her experiences with the students in her days in JMC. She went ahead to encourage and exalt them to be serious with their studies because as communicators, their field is becoming wide and wider as technology improves. She also entertained questions from the students.

Mr. Felix Fon-Ndikum

On his part, Mr. Felix Fon-Ndikum (guest speaker), who is the vice president MTN Cameroon legal gave a talk on ‘entrepreneurship in communication’ using concrete examples from his company. He used the forum to also attend to questions from the students even though some of the questions were like daring pertaining to his company directly.

Activities like debate, news presentation, playbacks and the awards of prizes were all part of the ceremony.

All in all, the overall event was a success with  the evening session that saw students, lecturers and other guests to celebrate the success of the academic year with the ASJUB PALA-PALA PARTY. This session comprised of activities such as playbacks, special presentations and then dance, dance, dance.




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